Our Websites Terms of use - Updated Nov, 2007

Accessing one or more of our websites implies that you have read and accepted the set of rules of this policy and consequently you are bound to respect and comply with the terms and conditions herein specified.

You must be 18 years old or older (or the legal age of your country if higher) in order to legally agree with these terms and conditions. No exceptions will be tolerated nor permitted. If the user does not agree with these terms and conditions, or he/she is legally incapacitated to do so, he/she must leave the website immediately.

General Rule:

The use of our websites is intended solely for our customers or potential customers; in the case of blogs, the use is extended to a civil and within the law discussions between the parties involved in the discussion and only for bloggers or commentators regularly registered with real data; blogs' users are forbidden from use of our websites if they registered themselves under false pretense. Accessing of information with the purpose of gathering information on our activities, personal addresses or anything else that can invade our privacy will be considered trespassing, harassment and/or stalking. When in these terms and conditions we refer to the term "act," we mean a single access to our website. If, for example, the violator opens 2 pages of one of our websites, he will be asked to pay an indemnification equivalent to TWO acts. We expressly reserve the right to make indemnification demands without preceding them with a Cease and Desist Request.

Specific Rules:

The acts of printing, downloading, archiving, partially or completely, our pages and or files included into those pages, will be considered, under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, a violation of our copyright regardless of the scope of the action. You are specifically prohibited from:

1) Print, download, copy or forward any part and/or file of our websites;

2) Using robots or other data mining software in order to gather, browse, compare, save, extract or publish data. The only exception to this rule is the use for established search engines, of their so called spiders, robots or crawlers, in order to publicize at no cost for us, our pages over the World Wide Web. These spiders, robots, or crawlers MUST also conform to the rules they will find in our robots.txt file (published on the root page of each website) and/or the specific meta-tag eventually present in each page; if the software does not conform to the rules of our robots.txt file(s) or makes (or tries to) itself undetectable this will be considered hacking AND trespassing. If data of any kind are gathered it will be considered also a violation of our copyright;

3) The gathering of email addresses through the use of automated software is specifically forbidden. Violations will be treated as acts of trespassing, harassment and violation of privacy. The use of email addresses gathered through manual means, is acceptable ONLY if the user intends to communicate with us within the scope of the General Rule;

4) The use of any kind of software that can gather data, regardless the scope of the data gathering software. Only the use of a browser, and only if not modified or enhanced in order to circumvent these rules, will be considered acceptable and only within the scope of the use of our websites (ref. the General Rule). Violations to this rule will be considered hacking and trespassing;

5) Registering to one of our websites under false pretense is considered stalking, and possibly trespassing;

6) The deliberated misuse of server bandwidth by human users or their automated software will be treated as theft. What we pay is bandwidth and violators are using fraudulently our technical resources, causing damages in terms of bandwidth itself and use of time-consuming and expensive techniques in order to keep their preying "eyes" out of our servers;

7) Using a different IP address in order to circumvent blacklisted IP's on our servers. We don't want you inside our websites for a reason. This is TRESPASSING.

Economic Compensation:

Each act of violation to these terms and conditions gives us the right to pursue legally any violators and for each access to our websites we have the right to be compensated with a minimum of 1,000 US Dollars. If the act is committed with the goal of harass, stalk or threat our personal safety including but not limited to extortion, the amount for each violation will be no less than 10,000 US Dollars. If the act is committed by a "stock photo" provider, a foreign government agency including police, diplomatic entities or similar, or one of their employees, associates, clients or peers, for each violation we have the right to ask as compensation a minimum of 10,000 US dollars. We have also the right to be compensated for any costs associated to the notification of violations and collection of compensations, plus an investigative fee of $125/hour, plus court costs and reasonable attorney fees.

Exclusion of Prejudice:

Any compensatory transaction deriving from the application of our terms and conditions are without prejudice of all our legal rights and remedies, which we expressly reserve.